FAQ – Fitness eCommerce Photography

Image worth thousands of words … So let’s start …


Why Choose Us?

We are fashion photographers my edited specialized in photography for eCommerce, such as Underwear eCommerce Photography, Product Photography, Swimwear, Gymwear, Activewear, Fitness, Men’s Physique and Bodybuidling. With superior image QUALITY, MODERN TASTE and COMPETITIVE RATE , you are ensured to boost your sales with amazing images.


What is the EASY PROCESS?

As easy as steps 1-2-3. We do the rest of the works to make everything easy for you.

1. Choose the package.

2. Ship your products.

3. Review and enjoy the photos, and receive the products back.


How to order?

As easy as steps 1-2-3. We do the rest of the works to make everything easy for you.

1. Go to the CONTACT page to let us know the quantity of your product, the package you choose and the deadline.

2. We email you the invoice.

3. Pay by Paypal or any major credit cards, then start an easy process. (For all projects, a deposit of 50% is required before beginning work. The remaining balance is due upon delivery of your proofs. )


Shipping tips

Checklist for shipping

1. Your contact and returning address.

2. Your order.

3. Choose the cleanest and best product for shooting.

4. Package to prevent dust.

5. Size matters … small & medium look good on photos, and medium & large are good for a model.


What do you do for a photoshoot?

We do the rest to make it easy for you …

1. Prepare and make sure the fabric looks clean.

2. Set up studio and style with models.

3. Take photos.

4. Post-production and retouch.

5. Upload the image online for review.

6. Make one-time minor change for the retouch.

7. Re-packing for return shipping. (carrier fees apply).

8. Delivery of final image online or by DVD.


How long is the process?

We offer a FAST TURNAROUND, so the process is usually completed 1 week after your products arrive at our studio. For the large number of photos, photography and retouch may take a little bit longer, and we can discuss in a timely manner.


What picture size do you provide?

The high-quality image was delivered at the size of 3000 X 2000 pixels – 72 DPI resolution – jpeg format – file size of more than 3 megapixels before cropping. This size is totally cool and enough for the website or full screen of an Apple 27 inches monitor.


Do you provide 300 DPI jpeg format for print purposes?

Yes, please let us know because the image file size could be really big.


What kind of license comes with the images?

ROYALTY-FREE images enable you to use photography anywhere and anytime. Upon final delivery with full payment, the photographs become licensed to your company for use on a royalty-free basis. We do retain the copyrights for delivered photos and the photographs may not be re-sold to any third party without prior written permission.


What about the reshoot images?

Re-shoot costs at a rate of 1/2 the photo price. For example, if you are paying $10 per photo and decide to re-shot it with a slightly different arrangement, we charge the initial rate of $10, plus an additional $5 for the re-shoot. Based on the taste, re-shooting happens sometimes, but in our experience, fewer than 5% of the images we deliver require being re-shot on a typical project.


Can I choose the models?

For the generic models, we choose by years of experiences with good taste. If you want to audition for the specific model, it may incur extra modeling booking fee.